Trademarks and Copyrights

Protect your logos and business brands. Confusion among brands may mean that your good reputation is being traded upon by others, or even worse, their bad reputation may end up tarnishing your company’s name.

Trademarks protect the various distinctive words, names, symbols, sounds and colors you may use to distinguish your products and services in your business from other businesses. 

We help your company in the selection, clearance, preparation, filing and prosecution of a trademark application to registration in the U.S Trademark Office. In this effort, we overcome the many possible challenges along the way, including descriptiveness and confusingly similar rejections.  We also help in the monitoring for misappropriation of the registered trademark, and opinions and actions in that regard.

Our firm can facilitate the trademark process in several ways, including:

  • Trademark Application
  •  Intent-to-Use Trademark Application
  • Trademark Clearance
  • Trademark Prosecution
  • Descriptiveness and Confusing Similar Rejections
  • Trademark Dilution and False Advertising
  • Infringement and Non-Infringement Evaluations


Protect Your Creative Works through Copyright

Copyrights Protect a great variety of expression, including literary works, such as books, plays and computer programs; dramatic works with the accompanying words; pictorial, graphics, photographs and sculptural works; motion pictures and audiovisual works; and sound recordings with musical works, including music from movies and plays, and recordings on tapes, cassettes and CDs, and other digital works. With our considerable experience in helping designers and artists protect their works, we help you in the handling of the registration of your work in the U.S. Copyright Office, as well as help if a substantially similar infringing work appears, with the possibility of statutory copyright damages.

Our firm’s expertise includes: 

  • Copyright Registration
  • Substantial Similarity and Copying
  • Statutory Damages
  • Take Down Letters
  • Literary Representation
  • Author and Artist Issues
  • Take Down Letters